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Poros Island

" Poros has something from Venice: canal, communication among the houses with the little boats, luxury, nonchalance, sensual temptation, a destination for an international eminent mistress... "
G. Seferis



Poros is one of the most picturesque islands of the Saronic Gulf, is distinguished by its combination of traditional colour and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The crystal clear blue water, the island's lush greenery, its nightlife and the great food make Poros the ideal destination for any vacation.

The abundance of fascinating things to see and places to visit: the Temple of Poseidon, the Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi, the abandoned ruins of the Old Russian naval yard. All those make Poros the favourite destination of Saronic Golf for even a short day trip.

Poros is the island of the romance, carefree and a peaceful place.



  • The museum of Shells at Chatzopoulio Library at the centre of the town. This museum is the only one in Greece.
  • The Monastery of Zoodohos Pigis (18th century) built on the green cliff of the mountain with a spectacular see view and the private beach at the bottom of the mountain. It combines peace and simplicity.
  • The Russian dockyard ruins.
  • At Korezi square, the Archaeology museum opens daily.
  • Poseidon's temple made by blue stone.
  • Bourtzi Island with the small castle built in 1827.
  • The highest point of the cliff, the historical clock in the middle of pine-trees. It was built in 1927 and is the jewel of town. The view towards the town's port is fantastic.
  • Daskalio Island with its picturesque church.
  • Vagionia, a beautiful beach with sand and stones perfect for fishing.
  • Love bay, a very romantic place, where someone could enjoy the green and the clear blue waters under the pine trees.