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Comming to Poros

If you want to come to Poros by car, you have to go to National Road Athens-Corinthos, after that you turn left to Isthmus of Corinthos to Epidauros. After Epidauros you will follow the new road that will drive you to Galatas. There you will meet the small ferry boats that take you to Poros within 5 minutes.

You can also come to Poros from the port of Piraeus taking a ferry boat or a flying dolphin. Departures are a daily basis. The trip with the ferry boat is 2hours and 15 minutes and with the flying dolphin is 1 hour.



Transportation within the island


At the square of the island you can find the bus and the taxi station. You may also find taxi boat taking to Galatas and the beaches around the island. .

The transportation within the island is all day long. Buses departure every 30 minutes to Askeli and Neorio, and the little taxi boats every 10 minutes

Useful telephone numbers

  • Port police : 2298022274
  • Police : 2298022462/22256
  • Pharmacy : 2298025812/29117/25523
  • Medical centre of Poros : 2298022600
  • Medical centre of Galatas : 2298042222
  • Taxi : 2298023003
  • Doctor Eksadaxtilos : 2298026490/6932373613