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Very close to the rooms, the visitor can take place in a lot of activities dealing with the sports.
There is a water ski school, where you can do water ski, parcelling, banana, tubes...
There is a scuba diving school, where you can explore the rocky bottom of the sea at Askeli.
You can also go for cycling and walking tour in the small streets to the top of the mountain within the pine-trees.


"Panorama" is a beautiful and traditional restaurant, which is located at the magical Askeli village, next to the sea, right next to the cosmopolitan Askeli beach.

In "Panorama" you can taste, apart from the traditional greek cuisine, a large variety from cold and hot starters, saganakia, pasta, risotto, pizzas, special dishes, diet dishes, from the grill, fresh fishes, salads and you can drink cold wine.
for dessert we suggest you a delicious chocolate souffle and a nice pannaccotta...